Avon UK website is down …

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues the Avon UK website is down so we are unable to offer the online shop or direct ordering through the Instant Brochure.  However, I, as an Avon Representative, am still able to place orders through the Representative site.

I had planned to do a blog post based on an article on the Avon Loves Blog part of the UK site.  I guess that is going to have to wait for another day.


Why Avon?

I was an Avon Representative in the early 2000s when we moved to York.  I needed a way to make a little bit of cash while we settled in to a new city and waited for the new school year to start.  I had taken the decision to have the Summer off before looking for a job so I could spend the time with my son without having to find a childminder or out of school club to take him.  I left after a couple of years as “life got in the way” and I didn’t have the time or the want to be traipsing round the streets in the cold, wet evenings of Autumn, Winter and Spring putting books through doors and then having to go out again to pick them up.  Back then, we didn’t have our own online shops.

Fast forward to last year and I was looking at the Avon website to see what products they have added to their line-up and what is still available over 15 years later.  I decided, probably more on a whim than anything else, to join again.  I’m actually glad I did.

It’s been a bit of a rocky start as I tried to find out how it all works now that there is an online store and digital brochure as well as the paper books.  Then, of course, lockdown came along and Avon stopped publishing the books as we were encouraged not to use the paper brochures and switch, where possible, to the digital version and encourage customers to order direct via our online shops.  During this time, I haven’t had any orders from my paper book customers but I have gained 2 online customers who have asked for books when they start up again this month.

One good thing which has come out of the lockdown, in my opinion, is the changes Avon UK have made to the way we earn our commission and the number of books which will be released each year.

  • Before lockdown, we had to place orders of a minimum amount before we earned any commission.  It wasn’t a high target but it wasn’t all that low for anyone who just wanted to earn a little bit of “pin money”.  Now, we earn commission from the first £1 of orders.
  • Up until this month, the books were released in campaigns which last for 3 weeks.  As of July, each book will last for 1 month which, I think, makes it a lot easier to plan the delivery and collection of books and delivery of orders.

Avon is not the best company when it comes to earning potential.  By this I mean that the maximum you can earn is 25% of orders and you have to hit a set level of orders before you get that.  However, I do like having an online shop for customers to order direct as well as the digital brochure which is easy to read on a tablet or computer.  I also like having a well-known product which is consumable.  If a client likes it, they will come back and buy it again.

Skincare Tip #2 – Moisturise

Using a moisturiser as part of your skincare routine, whatever your skin type is, is a must.  A moisturiser will help to hydrate and smoothen the appearance of your skin as well as provide protection from damage.  The type of moisturiser you choose will depend on a number of things including your skin type and your age.

Skin care Tip 2 - moisturise

However, everyone should use a day cream with an SPF to help prevent the effects of sun exposure, even in winter, because as long as it is light there are UV rays coming through the atmosphere to your skin.  Personally, I’m lucky I have a normal skin type which, apart from that time of the month, doesn’t get oily or dry.  At the moment, I love the Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Day Cream.  There are other Avon products which I am looking forward to trying, when my current pot of cream has finished, like the new Distillery Shade the Day Cream or the Avon True Nutra Effects Radiance Tinted Moisturiser.

For night time use, you should enhance your “beauty sleep” by using a moisturiser which is going to assist your body to restore and repair you skin while you sleep.  As with your day cream, there are lots of different night creams to choose from depending on your skin type, budget and basically what you like the feel of on your skin.  Again, I love the Anew products and am currently using Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Night Cream.  I also have the new Distillery Sleep Potion Night Cream waiting to be tried when I finish my current pot of Anew Reversalist.

For 7 reasons why you should use a moisturiser, check out this article from Good Housekeeping.

Do you moisturise every morning and evening?  Do you use separate creams for morning and night or do you use the same for both?  Do you use a day cream with sun protection included?  I’m interested, let me know.